Old School Installment 1

My most elementary of poems… I hate myself for the way I typed this. And the message itself is soooooo…… lame, for lack of a better term. No vocabulary, and purposeful typing errors. What was I thinking??? Lol.


I’m cold, ice drippin from my lip i’m frozen
Like Abraham I’m special, nigga I’m chosen
I’m singled out, so unique, so divine
The power and position, deity is mine
Awwww damn, blasphemy off my lips
I’m in LOVE wit the LORD, so I must repent
But still, I gotta boast, must say I’m heaven-sent
What you got, nigga I had it, been there? I came and went
Check me out, I’m comin to save?
Nope, come to enslave!
Muhfuckas minds, muhfucka I rhyme
J Dubb is too sick, kill em one at a time
Words so soft, but lead to a punch line
Diamonds are forever, so why fuck wit a dime?
Jesus Christ is comin, the truth is what I speak
So I hold my baby hand, wit my other hand I reach
Up to the sky, please Lord I’m ready
Take me right now, I celebrate wit confetti
I bow to his feet, words laced tighter than Nike’s
Praise him wit my all, I dare you to come and fight me
I’m that nigga, that’s backed up by that nigga
A whole book on his power, chump go figure
So turn the pages, translate the scriptures and verses
Once they all hear his word, he’s back, that’s why i’m rehearsin
Recitin’ what I know, and spittin what I feel


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