Old School Installment 2

This is also from 2006, and I wrote this after breaking up with my girlfriend LF of three years after leaving Las Vegas, NV for KCMO… She didn’t like or appreciate it. There is no way to fix a broken heart.

Apology for a Broken Heart

I’m sorry for all the hurt I caused, all the pain sent

For all the time you feel you wasted, every second spent

Sense can’t be made of this, no conclusion to be drawn

You know I felt, and how I feel now; sorry for it all

I gave you false hope, a dream of nothing, all built on clouds

Soft and fragile and ever changing, please object outloud

To rebuke me is neccessary, direction sent from He

He giveth and taketh, that’s why I’m gone, but still place blame on me

I loved you then, I love you now, your name forever etched

On my heart, a place so gone, a hint I pray you catch

I’ve moved on now, getting back together is a notion far beyond me

You were my past, now presently I move on with my future, looking back to say I’m SORRY


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