Probably my oldest typed work

Think I wrote this 3 or 4 years ago; love the rhyme scheme I used. Inspired by rapper Freeway.


Dope words dwell in the domain of my sanity

Vanity bricks break the mirror of my hope

Pray at night on my knees

Disease is what sin is, dying each and every day

But immunity builds through Christ

Life is so precious to him, from a champ to a chump

Wires are twisted, circuits went dead

Ahead of all the rest is the lie of most liars

Unplugged from the world is this Holy powered unit

Tunics get dawned by dawn with a tug

Wars get fought, battles get lost

The cost of the souls of the preacher and the whore

His life, his truth, his perfection at its peak

I’m weak in the brain and the heart— I’m SH*T

Bible is the source for the medicine I seek

Reach inside of me and I call Him by His title

Father please heal me, or cover my wounds

My poems are meant to inspire, not to hold a catchy tune

A zune can’t contain half of this dudes brain

Insane in the ways that I rudely display

Disdain for my body, a sinning machine

I’m all washed up and I’m beginning to see

Battery in my back, duracells don’t fuel

I need that Jesus Diesel if I want to continue

Examine and interpret my ways, I look like a clown

Never understand, can’t compute, so my system shuts down

Around the way, I had ways of getting way past with weight

But wait, no pound no gram no man can quite take

On the take that the Lord can display, omniscient

Take heed, open your ears, shut up and just listen

The glisten of the metal of the casing of the souls

Is not worth being tossed into that fiery hole

Behold what I say, just a product of my system overload

I tried to trouble shoot my life and still I never grow

We are just robots in this world, sinning in all our metallic glory

Until someone introduces us to THE WORD, our spiritual WD-40


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