Random thoughts from the other night

Random thoughts, slightly poetic

You enter this store of life and start shopping

What are we all looking for? What’s on our lists?

Motivation, Inspiration, Happiness, etc

These things elude us and cause a rift

This rift is where I come in, insert intern

My role is to model what they can be

They need something to hold on to

Shopping carts for minds

We must be mindful of what we get for food

Thoughts for food, food for thoughts

Reality is that we have no clue

We sift through the garbage of the world and find?

Nothing worth holding onto, nothing that is true

And when we check out—we are oblivious to the cost

So how can someone leave their mark?

How can a militant in 2010 play his part?

How do you fight the good fight?

At one point do we open our eyes and realize it’s not night

We are no longer in the dark about the trials of our child

The children birthed through our tribulations are priceless

We must treasure them thoroughly and build them up

Ignore the monetary happiness

Move on and reject the value of a dollar

We must recognize the potential of a scholar


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