Anybody Got Change? 1.0

Anybody got change? 1

Time is runnin’ out.. my breath is thin

Things comin’ and goin’ I still can’t win

Can’t get a grip, can’t squeeze fa shit

Mind racin, “my spacin”, time to quit?

Don’t give a fuck about opinions, what yall know

Not shit about me, except what I show

So fact is, I’m showin my ass, blazin a trail

Runnin’ so fast, hit speeds turnin’ the earth, raisin some hell

Friends is friends, nothin more, realize it or die

Wastin time on insignificance, jus recognize this guy

Left his mark, now leavin his perch

Wings spread, been dead, spend a day in the church

Learn a lil more about me, clueless as fuck

Give a smile here and there, confusin you chumps

All that’s seen is the beauty, the ugly hides

Deep beneath all this chocolate, the real me resides…

Not black not white.. more like grey

A big blob of nothin, what more could I say

Dive in, take a peep… get a bit closer

Look around, take a whiff, my life is wide open

The hurt the pain, the love and all

Come touch my wounds, replay scenes of where I fall

It’s happened many times, that my friends is true

But, now another failure it seems is coming to

So, grab the monoculs, binoculars, pick a good seat

Look close and stare, glare up to my feet

The stage is set, curtains back, lights all on moi

The bowing long done, but I’m stuck somebody tell me why

A simple whisper snaps me back, reality a blur

No me, no you, just a clear shot of her

Right in my sights, pistol cocked, my target is here

Eyes glazed over… headlights bright… stuck like a deer

I’m not stupid, I’m leanin into the car, I know what it is

I’m ready to die, hara-kiri, kamikaze, the end of my stint

The stress forced this upon me, my fate a downward spiral of glory

So many great things, swirling away so fast… down to the toilet

I’m not shit, nothin special, leave it at that…

Unless you get to know me better, please stay back

Because the real me is not a smile and some lips

It’s more like a bunch of nothin… or a pile of shit

You see, it’s all been lies… me being nothing = a farce!

So get to know me better, my pain and my scars

Simple fact, again I say, whatchu know? NOTHIN!!

Until we meet again, and you meet the real me, consider me.. a dime a fuckin dozen….


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