Anybody Got Change? 2.0

Anybody got change? 2

Another installment, here goes a moment from my life

Turmoil and drama roam throughout, still I smile despite

The doubts climb my leg, mount a flag in my mind..

Stabbin the staff of discomfort, deep inside

My thoughts can’t focus, jus swivel and swirl

My downward spiral halts, just to prolong the torture of this world

Nothing good could ever come.. from a union so unholy

Damned from the beginning, so many truths we were withholding

Still… active or not.. on my mind it prowls

Leaving stains of blood, dragging my carcass around

YET, you all see me smile, flirt and even chuckle

The whole while thinking of my problems…. so far above you

You couldn’t comprehend… my intangible pain…

But what is it I’m fearing… where lies my disdain?

If you can’t touch it, can’t see it, is it real you ask

I reply, It’s too far from your sights… plus behind my mask

I place it over my eyes, blink to cover up tears

Shake it loose, then look and smile… smashing all your fears

Because I know we’re all weak… longing for somethin to own

ME! It’s ME! I have arrived… a face carved from stone

Hard as rock, yet soft as air, a gentle breeze of lies

Comes pounding down, a boulder sounds, through these letters I type

A crash brings violent echoes and cavernous screams

The impact was truth… simple facts, but so real they make ears bleed

I’m fake, we all are… but I can’t admit it… atleast not through my image

So I smile and wink, and cover the truth, being fake.. but tell me who isn’t?

So now I say… please take heed… or I’ll take your arm and wrench

Into submission.. I’ll give you my point.. I guarantee this will make “cents”…

So pass the dollars of reality to me, the idol of all that’s here..

I promise you all… dreams will come true… quarters from this cashier..


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