Old School Installment 3

An ode to Love

I present to you my heart and soul, do with it as you please

The ring merely an outer show, as is my being on knee

I extend to you every part of me, somewhat tainted I confess

To use at your disposal, your every wish, with my pen my LOVE I profess

I guess you’ve probably heard this all, nothing new to your ears

I can’t begin to explain my hate for all those wasted years

By my side, the option I offer, do with it what you will

It is of no consequence, I feel the same, I swear to love you still

So whomever he is, the obsession of your heart, I give you my help

Making you happy, remains my goal, regardless of the shitty hands I’m dealt

So through the years, do me wrong, make my pain immense

That way I’ll deserve my only desire… to make your heart content


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