Old School Installment 4

I’m getting all of these out of the way so that I can get back to posting new material and writing new material, but I feel like these works were wasted when I originally posted them on myspace. Lol. Who reads on there???? Any way, here goes another.

Prove Me Wrong

Long since I’ve been gone, no one bothered to care

I feel stupid now as I sit alone, frozen, only able to stare

Dreams of my life, pass by, pushed aside

Garbage and treasure all mine

Years and years ago I recall, mistakes so dire

Hind sight is 20/20, I dread now my after life served in fire

But no. No worries, I’ve grown cold now, numb inside out

I must be right, my only proof; go to hell and find out

So I check, sin here and there, nothing big just  a murder or two

I fawn to be right, the means justified, my hypothesis must be proved!

My journey halts now, my mind’s eye closing, view becoming blurry

I realize Death hunts me, I must escape, something never done before me

So I ponder and plan and concoct a scheme so very perfect

I’ll take my life, my blade I’ll use, it must work I’m certain

I slit each wrist, looking for blood, awaiting the beginning trickle

But low and behold, I’ve grown so cold, it formulates into a bloody ice sicle

Shocked I stare, looking to reason, the basis of my life

I realize this is the doing of Death, he comes for me this night

He appears before me, scythe extended, I’m frozen in fear and ice

He abruptly leaves me frozen in limbo, can’t take me to hell, I celebrate.. I was right!


2 Responses to “Old School Installment 4”

  1. Of course death could have laughed and said ‘Thank you for doing my job..a bit earlier since you had ten more years…but that was a busy week any ways.” 😉 Clever post!

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