Old School Installment 5


Rip him to shreds, limbs dangle out of place

I wish i could squeeze his neck until blood exploded from his face

I’d love the feeling of his bones snapping in my palms

Blood and dna mixed up, I settle all of my qualms

No more beef, no drama in her life

I’d snatch his fuckin head off, then beat him with a pipe

I’d slide him across the floor like a mop

Guillotine his bitch ass, then watch the acid drop

Dripping from the container, going into his throat

Burning through his lungs, he’s still alive I hope

Pray to God he keeps on living, long enough to feel

The teeth and the tears of dogs attacking him, a pain oh so real

I leave his body mangled, but still in good enough shape

To leave his ass wit some fa real murderers, watch his ass get raped

Laugh and smile, feeling content watching his blood spew about

Scream at his dead body, kicking it too, making organs fly out of his mouth

I wouldn’t care for consequence, I’d take on all punishment

As long as I know he’s gone, that evil son of a bitch


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