Something different

This is something that was entirely impulsive. A friend talked about a girl who always “liked” his status on Facebook… So I decided to write that girls story. But it is entirely fictional.. Just a “what if” or a “maybe”

Press the Like Button

Like me, love me, need me

I need you even though I don’t know you

Add me, I promise to accept

I’ll post happy emoticons

And follow your Facebook moves

Your photo albums? Seen ‘em

Yes I am leaving messages in your Honesty Box

But being a liar the whole time

I need love because my mom is gone

Smiles and cries get confused in my life

Don’t poke me, my dad already does

At night while I smile tears of pain

I smell cocktails through his drunken cries

He doesn’t request anything

I join his group and attend all of his events

“Rape” Time: When He Wants

People Invited: 1

Can someone else RSVP this time?

I update my status

But no one hears my smiles for help

So I fight alone with punches of proneness

And cry in your face to pretend I’m happy

And keep this secret

He loves me, I need love

So I let him have his way

But I need to block him

Get him out of my life

So please add me, give me something

That will pull me out of this world of tears

Otherwise I’m stuck with daddy dearest

I need something that I don’t know

A way to log off and get away from him


One Response to “Something different”

  1. Very inventive way of addressing this issue….presented very well…kudos!

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