I need to post some more poetry :)

Rainbow Flavored Arrangement

Roses are red

To match the blood that is spilt in a lovers quarrel

Violets are blue

This is merely an illusion

Daisies are yellow

To coincide with the cowards under belly

Flowers are colored

This means nothing to anyone until they are given

A gift that can change a day in the blink of an eye

The whisper of a lover

The cry of a broken heart

The pain of loss

Flowers bring life

They bring death



Meaning is what makes them matter

Of all the colors of the rainbow

The prettiest flower can’t offset the mourning

Of a loved one

The darkest crysanthemums will never

Change the fact that

I love you

A love brighter than the rainbow

Richer than the pot of gold

At the end, is my love for you



2 Responses to “I need to post some more poetry :)”

  1. D. Martin Says:

    You didn’t send me this one… But I definitely love it!!!

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