Life Eradicated

A poem inspired by the words of John Gallaher and Lupe Fiasco’s song “Twilight Zone”.

“Life Eradicated”

The IPhone ignores the vibration

As it promptly tucks the man away

Knowing it’s just the laptop from last night

Yes, the same Macbook from last Friday

Iphone connected to the right port

And Macbook got clingy

Macbook calls and emails so much

Her woman is tired from the frantic typing

Across the web a group of guns

Loads their automatic refugees

And pray to their War for success in god

The Blackness gives a speech to

Microphones eagerly holding reporters

Searching for a big story

The crosses kneel in their pews

Opening pastors looking for direction

They are all aware of the storm

She beautifully dances along the horizon

Katrina slides along the coast

Seducing a man, his name is New Orleans

He is mesmerized and drinks the ocean

He is blind as he becomes an alcoholic

This awakens the might Levee Monster

As the refugees are fully loaded

Crosses beg for salvation

At the feet of bibles in the pulpit

Iphone and Macbook fall in love

They share kisses, shorting out the neighborhood

And all at once society comes to a climax

The world ejaculates, an orgasmic Armageddon

As our culture turns life into pornography

And gets off


One Response to “Life Eradicated”

  1. Quite interesting twists in your writing….enjoyed reading it.

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