Just watched the Lost Finale. I loved it and loved the series. But there are some points of confusion that I need addressed for my sanity. Lol. Where is Micheal? And Walter? And the other members of Oceanic Flight 815…? If that is what ties all of the people… Note, Desmond and Penny, were not on the flight. Nor was Miles, but whatever. I understand all of these people and their presence in the location where they would all meet to remember.. But I don’t understand the absence of Micheal and Walter. If Walter escaped the island and isn’t dead yet, okay, fine. If Micheal was trapped on the island in purgatory or whatever, okay, fine. But Christian Shepherd said to Jack “THERE IS NO NOW”.. He goes on to say that some people died before him, some after. Thus explaining why Hugo and the others that hadn’t died by the shows end were in this place. They are in this place because of the connection to the other members of the original flight. So it is implied that they eventually die. Or that they all died in the first place and that everything that took place on the island was merely purgatory or a mass hysteria like illusion or dream. In either of these two scenarios, Micheal and Walter being excluded makes no sense. I only focus on the two for 3 reasons.

1. The dog even makes it back lol

2. They were both huge parts of the show and were just swept under the rug for the finale

3. This is a major loose end in the logic of them all being there at once without all dying at once because of the strength or power of their connection.

Is the dog really that important? Are Walter and Micheal that unimportant? And did they not share in the connection??

Lol, I’m ranting and will continue to do so… So I say now… give your input. Help me out.


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  1. It seems fairly clear to me. Walt is simply not ready, just like Anna-Lucia. Michael is simply undeserving, just as Ben was.

    • What makes you ready? Death I would assume? Because everyone there is implied to be dead. Even the child of Claire. Correct. “Everyone dies sometime”/”There is no now here”/”Some died before you, some after”— All of these explain why some people are there, but didn’t have deaths that were depicted. Or why they didn’t all die at once. But why is Walt excluded? He “dies sometime” and it is presumably “after” Jack does. So if the shared experience on the island is what ties them, pulls them there, and wraps it all up, with Jack in the center; how is Walter being excluded something that makes sense? Does he never die? Or does he not share in the experience on the island? —- Since he definitely dies at some point in his life, I’ll leave that question as rhetorical. But as for his experience? Can that be questioned or refuted?

  2. CailtyssRulien Says:

    This isn’t going to explain everything, and I could be way off base but here are my thoughts.

    Everything on the island was real and happened. When Jin and Sun died on the island, thats when they really died.

    Michael wasn’t at hte church, because a few episodes ago, he explained that he couldn’t move on, because of his actions on teh island he was trapped there (as part of the whispers)

    Some of the other 815ers and characters were not there, because they were not ‘ready’ to move on from the ‘holding area’ sort of a purgatory (i hate to use that word in connection with lost, becuase that was NOT the whole story) but the ALT was sort of a purgatory, its hte best word i can come up with. Desmond had explained to Hurley that Ana Lucia wasn’t able to go with them, because she wasn’t ready. and Ben chose to stay and not go because he said he had some things to work out still.

    They were all dead at hte church. Hurley says to ben he was a great number 2, and ben says hurley was a great number 1, suggesting they spent a good amount of time on the island together.

    Christian explained that everyone dies someday, some of teh people in the church died before jack, some long after. But they were there, because the time he spent with them, was the most important period of his life, and nobody has to ‘move on’ alone, they were there to help each other with that final step.

    So there was great island closure. MiB was killed, Kate got to take Claire home to aaron, jack saved the island, but died from his wounds. If you notice on the island as you were close to death, you got a glimpse of the sideways (juliette did, and I think Jack was seeing it too)

    As for Walt, there is no real story explination as to why he was not there. The producers just chose to stop using the actor because he had grown so much (personally I think with all the time travel last season, and hte 3 years they spent in Dharmaville they could have worked walt in somehow even though he’s so tall now)

    So there is a good reason for michael not to be there. but no real story reason for walt, i do wish he was there.

    Hope that helps some. TO me i was beautiful and powerful. That the important people in your life, will be there to help you let go of this world, and move on after you die. And I love that there was closure with the island story.

    I also love that so many people see the finale in different ways. My point of view is just that, my point of view. Doesn’t mean i’m right. Its what I got from it. and I loved it.

    • Thanks a ton. You definitely address my questions strongly. 🙂 I agree with the explanation for Micheal and Ben not being ready yet. And everything else makes perfect sense for what my expectations and feelings for the show were. I loved it. The ending was powerful and I got emotional, yes. The full circle was GREAT. But the exclusion of Walter with no explanation leaves me with the same taste that the “Cloverfield” movie gave me. Lol. “Eh? What the fuck?”

      Its very minor, but still something I wanted to play around with. With other fans of the show. Thanks again for your time in explaining your views.

      • CailtyssRulien Says:

        I agree. I don’t like that walt was excluded. But that would really have to be the biggest problem i’d have. you could address it with “he wasn’t ready” but it was sad to not see him in teh finale (other than a flashback) Because he was supposedly special.

        Great ending for a great show.

        At first I was like oh no, they were dead the whole time? and was kind of upset, because we are so conditioned to getting crappy finales to major shows.

        THen I started thinking about the dialog at the end. And rewatched it and realized what was going on.

        Thanks for the discussion!

      • No problem I must say, this Finale trumps the Sopranos Finale ten times over. Haha the complexity is great. They did great to include many different people that the fans had a HUGE emotional connection with. Tear jerker at times. Definitely.

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