My LOST conversation with friends

Julius McFly May 24 at 3:41am
Yo—– I personally enjoyed the Finale and loved how close it came to tying up all the loose ends… But there are clear questions lmao…. Walter? What’s up with him?

Hit me back, lets talk about this shit… 🙂

Also… go to my blog and read my main Lost Finale question.
Just watched the Lost Finale. I loved it and loved the series. But there are some points of confusion that I need addressed for my sanity. Lol. Where is Micheal? And Walter? And the other members of Oceanic …
Seth Wade May 24 at 2:27pm Reply

I don’t know where to start so I’ll start with Ben Linus,

Did he not die cause he didn’t go into the church?
They made things sound like the island never existed it only existed in Jack and everyone’s mind after they crashed and died. Horseshit! What about the other wrecks and landings on the island such as Darama and Roussuo and Richard? The island had to exist.

What was with the numbers that popped up everywhere?

What the fuck happened to the Whitmor’s wife? Was she dead? Why did she kill her son? So many more…..

Julius McFly May 24 at 3:24pm

Lmao Seth you are confused. Okay, I think I can help on some of that. He does die eventually. He didn’t go into the church because the church was the waiting room for when you were ready to move on and die. The flash sideways was like purgatory. Where they lived different lives that led them all to each other and the same end; death. Because of ben’s actions, he wasn’t ready to pass on. Just like Micheal. Remember when he talked to hurley and told him about the whispers?? Ben dies apparently after serving as Hurley’s number two for a while. Hence the dialogue between the two toward the end of the show. The island definitely existed. They never really did anything to make that a question. The island and everything that happened on it was real. THe flash sideways was in their minds after they died. That life was built to remind them of their experiences on the island so that they could be together once again. The reason the Dharma people and Richard weren’t there in the church is because they had other lives and other experiences with people that mattered more to them than their time on the island. The memories that awakened everyone (jack–when kate touched him, when he touched the casket) are the most powerful moments of his life. Get it? So that’s why those specific people were together. Big thing that I don’t get is the absence of Walter. He was in many people’s memories and yet he didn’t get to go to the church? I hate to pull the race card.. but where are Eko? Walt? Mike? No blackies made it to the church…. That’s fucked up. Lol. JK! But uhm.. I still want to know where Jacob’s mom came from, the MAN IN BLACKS real name, how him getting thrown into the light made him the smoke monster, and also I want to know what the fuck all of the electro magnetism was about. BTW, its very obvious that there will be another season. Or at least a new series based on Hugo and Ben running the island and looking for people to take their places. I don’t know how I’d feel about that though… OH! And something I was told from a random Lost fan, Walter was excluded because of a growth spurt that made his character unreasonably tall and yet, they didn’t bother to explain him at all.. I will be posting this convo on my blog btw lol


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