Speeding So Slow (An Ode to Christopher Reeves)

The following poem is dedicated to Superman. Greatest super hero EVER.

Speeding So Slow (An Ode to Christopher Reeves)

Faster than a speeding bullet

With a spinal cord that’s flawed

The horse took away my hero/

The red and blue uniform

Reminds me of the flag of

Where the research is frowned upon that he wanted/

He passed the torch to Tom Welling

Right before he passed to wherever

His legacy is tainted by images of his weakness/

The man of steel became the man of wheels

No one remembers him

Dean Cain didn’t do him justice/

Don’t get me started on Brandon Routh

Can’t we just use the black kryptonite

And switch souls so we can have him back?/

Stronger than a locomotive

And as lifeless as one too

He saved Lois from train tracks but no one could save him/

Zod and Doomsday couldn’t quite do it

Gene Hackman was bested by a horse

But I’m sure they’re laughing now like the rest of us/

Because essentially our pity

Took away his pride

When he became a sob story for the world/

I won’t stand for this

Kal-El must sit for this

Why are all of our heroes dying?/

God has a plan

Reeves walking didn’t fit in

I think he’s on Krypton, not in Heaven or Hell/

He flew from the horse losing his grace mid flight

His life flashed before his eyes then and forever

As he suffered from seeing what he was for the rest of his life/


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