Young Love(incomplete short story/part of larger collection of short story)

Young Love

As the young pair walks in the Skies Restaurant down on the Plaza, everyone turns and takes note of her beautiful dress. He notices the stares of admiration with a sense of familiarity, likening them to his first expression of “Wow” when he saw her hours before. They are led to their seats shortly after they enter the high-class eatery. As they walk he takes the gentleman route and allows her to walk ahead, but cannot help but ignore chivalry and glance down her exposed back to her plump bottom. His nervousness begins to shine through as she reaches back to his hand to help guide him through the maze of chairs and tables in the restaurant. She is giddy. The contrast of their demeanors is glowingly brilliant and only draws awe and jealousy from the older couples enjoying their dinners. A married couple in their mid-30’s look on, ignoring their KC Strip Steaks and soups, hit with a flood of nostalgia that breeds envious emotions within the beautiful woman, she plots a fight later that night to attempt to rediscover their spark. He is oblivious as he looks on inappropriately at the sensual figure of the young woman. He whispers “Jailbait,” while biting down on his lip.

“What was that Greg?” she inquires having heard his exasperated whisper just loudly enough to give her ammunition to start the argument now. His response is anticipated by a groan, “Nothing Nina my dear, I simply said my dinner isn’t worth being my fish bait. Speaking of which, did I mention that I’m going fishing this Sunday with the fellas?” He dodges the question, but shows his discontent with his life by referencing the staged fishing trip that is merely a cover up for his infidelity with his secretary. He doesn’t know that she knows; or that his brother will be over on Sunday. The bitterness begins to push through their ceramic smiles and the conversation fades as the youthful couple finally ends their odyssey and embraces their chairs.

The first thing she notices is the cushy seat and the way that her date pushed her seat in. She was being treated like a princess for the first time. Little did she know that this moment would be her happiest with her beau and that they would reach the inevitable fate of all lovers long before Greg and Nina. The candle on the table is lit, making her lip gloss and his diamond studded earrings glisten sharply in the dim setting, reflecting off the menu’s that they hold tightly.

“So uhm, you know what you want? I’m thinking burger. Haha,” he chuckles to attempt to ease himself and alleviate the pressure he feels.

“I’ll probably go for something a little out of the ordinary, Jamel,” she shrugs before mispronouncing “escargot” inquisitively.

He doesn’t correct her, he wouldn’t dare. “Yeah that’s French. Might be good? I don’t know.” He thumbs from one page to the next before being startled by the waiter as he slides in words first from behind their table.

“Hello, I’m Jonathen and I’ll be serving you tonight. Drinks for the young couple?” he asks as Jamel shows his surprise, knocking the decorative glass off of the table.

The two order non-alcoholic wine. As their drinks arrive to their table, Samantha orders for them both. The waiter is taken aback by this, but Jamel is oblivious to this faux pas. Samantha asserts herself throughout the rest of the date from dinner to desert in all aspects excluding the paying of the bill. This was taken care of before their arrival during the hours prior to this momentous occasion by Jamel’s oldest sister Shayla in the form of a hundred dollar bill. As the meal ends and is paid for, Samantha begins to get anxious all over again. The trip home and the drop off are as important as the potential second date; She giggles at the thought of their first kiss. He is the opposite as he has yet to even contemplate a kiss and is merely focused on maintaining his cool, smooth persona throughout the closing moments of this date. He parks Shayla’s ruby red Jeep Grand Cherokee crookedly in the Scheyer family driveway before letting the eldest of the three adopted Scheyer children out of the car like a “good date would do” says the echoing reminder from Jamel’s estranged mother. He walks her to the door slowly, sweaty hand in sweaty hand. She squeezes tightly after they say their goodnights to give him the inkling to stay a bit longer. Samantha pulls him toward the front door, out of the view of any potential parental peeping or spying. Jamel doesn’t know what to do except to stare into her beautiful green eyes as the porch light strikes them in a way that keeps him mesmerized. She shyly looks up at his 6’4 frame and giggles to break the silence. Their body language begins to take over as the privacy of the situation forces Jamel’s 17 year old hormones into a rage. She edges closer and he leans down almost embarrassed that this would be his first kiss; this shared moment makes it that much more special. His lips meet hers, their eye lids shut, and their fingers interlock. This moment, this first kiss, this first love, leads to the rest of their lives. They kiss. They fall into a love, a young love, the best kind.

April 25, 2010

Dear diary,

OMG! He kissed me!!! And it was so sweet and soft. I do kinda wish he used his tongue like they do in the movies but oh well. Maybe next time J It was weird how his hands were wetter than mine, but maybe its because he was nervous too? MAN! I cannot wait to tell all the girls in home room that my first kiss was from Jamel Graham, the best basketball player in the city. I already tried texting Shelly and Tracy but those bitches are already sleep. AGH! I just wanna yell right now because I want everyone to know. I think I’m in love haha. Ahhhh well diary, I’ll have to TTYL, bed time. Such a great night.

As the notes are passed across the room, Samantha is embarrassed. Mr. Smith has grabbed the poem that Jamel wrote her. She isn’t sure what exactly it means because she’s just not that into poetry like he is. She ducks down into her chair, knowing that this event will only worsen the strained relationship that the young lovers have endured in the previous weeks. As her head rests on her desk she reflects on the happier times of just a summer ago as they had their first date. The first semester of the new school year has been stressful for her. He has been getting more and more aggressive and needy while she is slowly losing interest as she gains it from the star Quarterback at the school, Rick. Jamel knows this. He sits three rows over from her in their History class wishing he had waited to give her the poem later. Much like his emotions, he couldn’t control himself and just be patient. This is obviously the cause to their strain. He stares across the room at Samantha as she continues to pray to God for invisibility. Mr. Smith has finished his lecture about texting and passing notes in class as opposed to taking notes. The class has been riled into a state of slight pandemonium, waiting for the note to be read aloud, as is customary in Mr. Smith’s class. Mr. Smith clears his throat and begins to read.

Child’s Play

Let’s play doctor

You can operate on me

Already took my heart

Now please take the brain out

We can jump rope in traffic

In the streets somewhere

I’m alone and I trip up on the rope

And get tangled before oncoming traffic—POW

“King me!” you yell

As you step over me to make yourself better

Keeping me in check

Dominating the board of our life

Yo-yo me back and forth

Until the string snaps and I’m gone forever

Remember the days when Backstreet Boys’ songs sounded smart?

It’s now—Quit playing games with my heart

The class laughs. He is embarrassed and she has lost her love for him. The downward spiral that is young love has finally begun.

Facebook: Inbox

Jamel Graham October 19, 2009 at 4:09

We havent talked since Smith read my fuckin poem in class… and I kno you getting my texts baby… whats goin on

Samantha ‘BabyGurl’ Scheyer October 19, 2009 at 6:30

Sorry……. I just been busy… with school stuff you kno how it is…. What did you want

Jamel Graham October 19, 2009 at 6:33

Wassup wit us? You been trippin lately… you don’t love me no more? Im tired of all this bull… stop playin around and just be with me like it used to be

Samantha ‘BabyGurl’ Scheyer October 19, 2009 at 7:02

I cant do it no more J… I just don’t feel it like that anymore. Plus you know me and rick been talking lately.. I just don’t see you how I used to… so its over.

Jamel Graham October 19, 2009 at 7:10

Are you serious?

Jamel Graham October 19, 2009 at 7:15


Jamel Graham October 19, 2009 at 7:30

Baby please don’t do this to me… I die with out you. I need you in my life rigt now baby.. cmon please…

Jamel Graham October 19, 2009 at 7:36

Bitch if you don’t answer me its gonna end up bad.. I still love you but im not gonna let you do me dirty

Jamel Graham October 19, 2009 at 8:00

Im sorry baby.. please just answer???? I need you…. Please???? Ima gonna come by yo house after night hoops tonight.. please meet me at ya window

A month goes by without them talking. Jamel is occupying himself with basketball practice and night hoops, but she is on his mind constantly. He was okay and contained his passionate rage and emotion until he saw her kissing Rick outside of home room this past Wednesday. It is now a frosty Saturday night; He sits outside of her house. The third night in a row. The two nights prior Mr. Scheyer came and told him to leave. Tonight the obstacles have lessened because he knows that Samantha’s adopted parents, Mr. and Mrs. Scheyer, are out of town for the weekend. He knows this because he still knows Samantha’s Facebook password and read the conversation stating that Rick was to come over to an empty house tonight. Jamel assumed he knew what was going on.

He mumbled in a semi-psychotic rage in his sister’s car that he took without her knowing, “I know she’s lettin’ him hit. That little ho. Givin away my goods. I’ll teach her. And I’ll teach him. Nobody does Jamel like this.”

He saw the lights go off in the house and his eyes began to water. His salty tears dance morbidly down his cheek. These streams of sadness serve as a prelude to what other fluids would leak tonight. He waits. Two hours pass before any inkling of light appears in the Scheyer residence once again. When it finally does, Jamel looks up and sees the silhouette of two young bodies. They kiss. And he screams silently, air being sucked from his lungs faster than his heart shatters. The sound of his breaking heart echoes throughout his head for the following moments as he drifts further and further from reason.

Samantha squeals in excitement as Rick caresses the soft skin of her derriere. “He’s so cute and so smooth,” she thinks as their lips and tongues wrestle. Unbeknownst to her, this night would be full of more physical and dangerous wrestling. He whispers in her ear, “I love you baby,” making her feel the tingle that Jamel once was the sole cause of. She glances at the clock and realizes that it is time for her lover to leave. He resists at first, looking to entice her further with more kisses. As this valiant effort fails, he shrugs it off and grabs her hand, beginning to walk toward the steps that lead to the front door downstairs.

She walks down the steps, leading him to the door.

Noticing the lights leading to the door, he exits the vehicle in a furious hustle.

They reach the front door and she opens it, turning his back to the exit, pushing him out with kisses.

He rushes to the door, fists balled, face salted over with his love in fluid form.

She sees the anger advancing to her and shrieks, “Oh my God, Jamel?!”

Rick has no chance. Jamel tackles him to the ground in a rage.

“This is my girl! Stay away from her!” his anger floods out and releases upon Rick’s unsuspecting head. His tears have dried, but his face is made wet again by the splashes of blood from Rick’s busted nose.

Rick is near unconscious before Samantha can pull Jamel off of him. Jamel swings behind him to free himself from her grip, his open-hand knuckles crashing into her fair skin. This pulls Jamel to reality. Samantha cries out in pain as her body lies on the frosty grass. Jamel goes to her, concerned about his young lover. She rejects him as she holds her chin and wipes drops of blood from her lip. Jamel is embarrassed and afraid of himself. He runs to the car and drives away. Samantha and Rick look to console one another and heal their wounds, fearing the return of the ballistic Jamel.

A week has passed since their epic encounter. Jamel cries himself to sleep in confusion and heartbreak while Samantha cries herself to sleep in fear. The star crossed lovers are forever connected and they know not what to do about it. They share their first kiss, virginities, first loves, and their first break ups. Jamel has a break of his own though that is unique to him. He has lost it. Each day without her has driven him more and more mad. He has given up text messages, poems, and Facebook messages. He now plans to confront her tonight after she gets off work. “Tonight is the night,” he says over and over again as he bites his nails with a creepy anxiousness sitting in the parking lot of the High School.

She chats with the floor manager of the Hy-Vee as she prepares to leave for the night, “Don’t worry Tommy, my boyfriend is coming to pick me up, I’ll be okay in the big bad parking lot. Hehe.” She’s doesn’t know that he has to stay at work late at the YMCA because her phone died and she hasn’t received his text. She walks toward the usual meeting point in the middle of the parking lot where it is most well lit, still unaware of the danger that awaits her. Jamel sits in his car at the High School, looking on from a distance until he realizes this was his chance to talk to her. He starts his car and drives around the loop drive of the parking lot. This movement does nothing to alert Samantha. She checks her phone though, wondering about the hold up, realizing that her phone is dead. The worry doesn’t set in however until she sees the familiar ruby red Jeep Grand Cherokee approaching her. She doesn’t run, the flashbacks associated with this car are so pleasant that she smiles until remembering the ruby red stain on her white Chiefs shirt from the last encounter she had with the driver of this machine. She steps back as the window rolls down. Jamel leans his head out, “Hey you need a ride? I was just here to get some milk for my moms.”

“I’m waiting for Rick. I don’t think I should,” she nervously responds, attempting to hide her fear with politeness.

“I can drop you off at the Y if you need, no harm, I promise. Just wanna help an old friend,” his crazy anxiety is beginning to leak out, but not enough before she complies.

She enters the car and he smiles; they beginning riding toward the YMCA. They actually pass Rick on the highway on the way. She doesn’t notice. Jamel takes a different exit and says it’s just a shortcut. Samantha feels so comfortable around her former lover that she doesn’t think to look around to see where she was. Before she knows it, they are talking and driving as if nothing changed from the first date. She smiles until she feels the car slow as inertia pulls her back to the present. He locks the door and turns on the childproof locking mechanism.

“I just wanna talk,” he calmly explains. Her response though is of fear and uneasiness.

“Talk about what? Jamel we’ve been through for months, I love Rick now. Not you. Just let me out of the car, I’ll walk home.” She presses the worst button possible with these biting words.

He lashes out in response, snatching at her arms, “You can’t leave me! I won’t let you…. My mom did when I was little, and now you? Baby don’t do this to me!”

His strong hands hold her in place, bruising her soft skin and pressing harder with each passing second. She attempts to get free, but his boa-like grip only tightens. He yells at her, no longer making sense. She just cries and screams as his rants grow in rage and are delivered unintelligibly. They dialogue has died as he attempts to kiss her and profess his love for her physically. She bites his tongue and spits in his face. Without thinking he slides his vice grip from her arms to her neck and begins to squeeze.

“You’re mine!” he yells over and over. The volume of his yell growing with the tightness of his choke, he begins to black out with anger. His tears have been flowing as steadily as the air in her lungs has stopped flowing. She’s dead. He knows this, but has gone so far from reality that consequence is of no concern to him. Her dead and lifeless green eyes stare into his pain filled bloodshot eyes. Their eyes share the quality of being dead. He grabs an old piece of paper and a pen; He frantically scribbles on the paper in a rush of expression.

I loved her and I needed her… nobody can have her but me. So I had to love her enough to take her from everyone and take me from it all too. I’m sorry that no one will ever understand our love, no one will ever know like I know. We were in love, ever since the first date. I don’t know what to do. I just want everyone to know that I love her and she loved me no matter what you heard and what you thought. This was real. This was true love.

Jamel is confused and unsure of what to do next. He cries and yells at himself for what has happened. He doesn’t know what to do. He resolves to reach to the glove compartment. There is a gun inside. He started carrying it shortly after they were robbed in the city this past summer. He wanted to protect her. Now he has made her safe from everyone forever.

“No one can have you but me. No one can have me but you. We are one forever now… I love you Sam.. Good bye.” His soul and mind finally at peace, he places the small gun to his lips. His free hand creeps to her cold fingers and grips them gently, never wanting to let go. He closes his eyes and tears gush out as if the levees had broken once again. He lets out a ferocious grunt and pulls the trigger. A flash could be seen in the distance and blood could be seen on the back window. As the two souls pass, these young lovers let out a sigh of relief. The hardest part of love is over. The inevitable end of all lovers meets Jamel and Samantha. Young love is the best love.

Lovers Found Dead in Homicide/Suicide

Kansas City, MO –

Early Wednesday morning two bodies were discovered in a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee in the parking lot of Unity Village Church. The bodies have been identified as 18 year olds Jamel Graham and Samantha Scheyer.  In what appears to be a homicide suicide between two star-crossed teenaged lovers, Graham murdered Scheyer before shooting himself. There was a suicide note found in the car along with… Cont.


Wake up every day, thank Him for life

Appreciate all aspects, enjoy what you have

Blessing are sometimes hidden

But there are some before your eyes

Taking them for granted, a waste of our lives

Family and friends support you always

So when things get tough, go to them

This destructive cycle is destroying our youths

Love is not the only thing

And relationships are not the only type of love

Love all, live to love, love to live


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  1. Your BF Says:

    I still love it.. just the same as I did when I read it before. Good job Julius.

  2. D. Martin Says:

    You’re an amazing writer!!! You will definitely be one of the greatest of our times… I’m glad I got a preview of what I know is to come!

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