SALT – An Ode to Love


A kiss on the face, the cheek to be exact

Leaves me with an aftertaste as I draw my lips back

Blood pressure building as the Na+ gets swallowed

You frown because you remember the emotion that this bad taste followed

Water works drown the love in a flash

Like Mardi Gras and the relationship resembles a broken levee

Just a quarter into a French kiss you are bombarded

With drops of sadness, whetting appetites for salt, tear drops so heavy

True love produces massive hurt for a tiny heart

Puppy love produces Mastiff tears from puppy dog eyes

These wet bridges; mangled, burnt, and torn apart

I wonder and cry: Is it because of all the lies?

A love so strong and so weak it is a cousin to the chaff

Losing it all, feeling hurt, holding in all my wrath

Destroying what was built, brick by fucking brick

We share kisses that taste of salt, a taste that makes me sick


One Response to “SALT – An Ode to Love”

  1. Sounds so much like a kiss with passion….because with passion you can recall the taste of the kiss…only that you couldn’t breath during that moment…an interesting poem about what seems to be a dying love.

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