Something struck me, so here you are world 🙂


As the room fell silent

He removed himself from inside her

Rolled over, sweat dripping, resting his body beside her

He has flashes of orgasm

Remembering every position

On top of her, beneath her, behind her

She lays there, biting her lips

Cherishing his kiss

She grabs her breast, massaging down to her hips

He lets out a sigh, exhausted from the fun

Little does he know, its only just begun

She rolls over, climbs atop him and whispers “Hun,

Lets do it again”

He can’t believe it, he thought he did his job

But this young lady has high expectations

So he musters up the strength

His sex drive revs

She starts bucking atop his person

Eyes rolling back into her head

She scratches his chest

Tearing his skin, its hurting

He takes the pleasure and the pain

Loving every second

Now they melt together as one

And they die as they cum

Exhausted once again, sex is a weapon


One Response to “Zzzzzzzzz”

  1. A very sensual poem…thanks for sharing it.

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