If wishes were fishes, the world would be an ocean

I’m colored and I love it, but wonder what’s with all of this commotion?

Darwin says superior race but I call it a farce

But this curious look on my face says, “what if I was one?” This is how it starts

My hair wouldn’t wave up when I brush and use dax

I would not say “Go Hard” I’d say “Push it to the MAX!!!”

Stereotypes would deplete, like the girls who want Real and Chance

I’d watch Brett Michaels instead and listen to music but never dance

Instead of rockin Jordan’s and Nike’s and hoodies that’s fresh

I’d sport bed sheets as hoods and robes, and hang nooses from Negro necks

Instead of screamin “Aye aye aye” like that dip set guy

I’d chant “KKK” in my old ford pickup with my pitch fork as I ride by

I’d die from over wealth, in a bed getting fatter pockets, never gonna share

And laugh when I see impoverished people of all colors struggle to get healthcare

The poem started off as a tirade against a race

But now it’s very clear that my aim is in the wrong place

If I were white I’d make changes, fix the establishment

Help everyone get over the taboo of interracial relationships

I’d outlaw that shit!! Smooth and fast…. With harsh penalty

Any violators get castrated and lose their pride’s virginity

Because I would fuck with the pride and minds of all those lesser

I’d take the biased standardized tests and be a cool calm guesser

No more stress about the struggles and harsh realities of life

No need to go to sleep hearing sirens and gun shots at night

Only bird chirps and waterfalls in the fantasy of mine

Until I remove the rose colored shades, and get introduced to the lies

No one’s life is perfect, stop blaming everyone else

And please let’s all say “FUCK REPARATIONS!!” and create our own help

Set up trust funds and savings for our children at birth

Teach our sons how to be men, how to wear a tie and a button up shirt

Block out the thugs and drugs, teach our daughters to be young ladies

And appreciate the past; give them history that spans back further than the 80’s

Talk about Martin, Douglass, and Rosa don’t teach them how to stunt

And before you speak up and say you have, let’s please ignore that month

February is great and I love how we have 1 month set aside

But let’s try taking advantage of the other 11, and talk about ancient African tribes

The power they possessed both mental and physical

And tell our kids about Kush, not the weed you idiots, the original

I’m talking about Egypt, the cradle of civilization

But I’m ready to get negative responses for the misleading title, let’s begin the HATIN!

Leave swag behind and all the other dumb colloquial slangs

Put down the chip on your shoulder that’s become a gun, and exit all the gangs

Yo block yo set, is the hardest on the planet???

But you dumb niggas are going nowhere fast, trapped in a perpetual cycle, man damn it

Open up your eyes, take the stunner shades off and toss em away

Learn something, open your minds too and educate yourself today

Books are like a stepping stone to a world beyond the ignorant drama

And he’s dope but not a superhero, stop trying to be Obama

He did what he did, kudos and all of that

But no one else will ever be the first president that’s black

Let’s start some more businesses, pay ourselves for a change

And make some smart investments instead of “coppin that new fire ass chain”

Deranged and upset is what my mood will be

If this poem is misconstrued as anything but a cry for unity

See I’ve dated girls that are white, so I’m not putting anyone up or down

But the dumb shit needs to end; the human race is looking like clowns

Rap is the new Black Face, minstrel shows or whatever

And country music has latent traces of racisms those metaphors are clever

Sarcasm abounds, I jest I jest… I JUST want the world to get better

And sadly enough people, I think it’s now or never…


4 Responses to “Arbitration”

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