Lucille and Layla
Lesbian lovers
With lips locked

Hold each other close
Remove each others clothes
Happiness is all that shows
They cover up all the woes.

Lovers lead lives
Leading to linking
Lies and love and laughter

hopefully they can make it
No child to make them fake it
behind closed doors is inches to miles
Compared to what you find beyond fake smiles

letters left lying
As Layla leans on Lucille
But is left lonely losing

The truth is revealed by the shine of light
and the falsities can no longer outrun time
You watch the flower of love wilt
As the hour glass tilts

And time is gone forever
Finally a time when never means never.

Like all loves of long-before
Loss is the lasting limerick
Of the lucid lives
Left from loves loving like for the lovers Layla and Lucille,

Lastly, they long for loves lingering, lasting lessons.
Lessening the love, not in the least,
Is the literal lynching of legitimacy.

Look past a lovers flaws.

Love beyond a lovers capacity.

Leave nothing unsaid.

Love to be loved.

Live a life of love.



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