Pau deserves this MVP, I swear to Jesus. As a Laker Hater, I must say this. Kobe is overrated. Or at least, not worth being in the same conversations as Jordan. Lebron doesn’t deserve it either. MJ made 6 finals appearances, won 6 times there, all 6 game series, and 6 Finals MVPs. Lebron is 0-1 in the Finals. Kobe is 5-2, with how many MVPs? No comparison 🙂

Kobe has never showed up like MJ did. So stop comparing him. He has only dominated once finals series EVER. It was last year. This was the sloppiest Finals ever. Between Kobe looking old, Celtics looking old, and Ron artest and pau gasol being sporadic and inconsistent, I hated it. I think the shitty play made it SEEM interesting when in reality… it was a mildly competitive, slightly entertaining, and generally boring series. Kudos to the Lakers.

This series was terrible. Reminded me of the Spurs versus Pistons series from a few years back lol.. Celtics FRANCHISE should retire. That is all


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