Adoring and Abhorring All in All is Absolutely Amounting to Amazing Absence of Awareness


When I *rise in the morning

My love for you is missing

My disd*in for life is missing

But when the sp*rk returns for one

The fl*me of the other is reborn

Like the Phoenix, my love *nd h*te

Coincide and intermingle

They *re what one would call


This is cle*rly disturbing

I c*nnot love you without

H*ting you

I c*nnot kill you without feeling remorse

Bec*use I love your life

Your existence perplexes

My feelings confuse

The muddiest of gr*y

Is what it t*kes to re*lize that you

*re my everything

Yet you *re my nothing

I think I h*ve you forever

In *ctu*llity my thoughts prove too clever

To be true

So I do not know th*t I don’t h*ve you

I spend my time questioning what we sh*re

You spend your time looking for someone else to c*re

I *m oblivious and you *re neglected

My p*in is on my f*ce, your things *re collected

You’ve decided to m*ke your exit life left

While I ponder how to love you h*lf the time, h*ting you the rest

My mist*kes *re gre*ter than my power or prowess

*s * philosopher yet my prolific cow*rdice

Sh*ll shine through my confusion

While it sh*ll force you to * conclusion

That I *m not worth your time

You le*ve me once *nd for *ll, le*ving one lingering line—

Amazingly, actions are adjacent to aloofness and after all the assumed arguments are appropriately accounted for as advanced avatars aimed at averting the aspirations of the alive and the aware.

Stop w*sting your time on bullshit.


4 Responses to “Adoring and Abhorring All in All is Absolutely Amounting to Amazing Absence of Awareness”

  1. I’m a sucker for alliteration and now a bigger suck for alliteration with a message…Very much appreciated your piece. P.S. Love your * substitutions very creative.

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