Are you listening?

Are you listening

your eyes wide open, mouth fastened shut
But my voice is on mute, please turn me up
You look through me day in and day out
Ask me what’s wrong, nothing comes from my mouth
Because you only care when it looks bad for you
Mommy daddy, this is sad but true
My tears translated to punches because I fight
I rebel against authority because I know its not right
But when else do we ever spend time together? 
When I get in trouble at school. When else? Never.
And it hurts so bad
I don’t know how to tell you because I get so mad
Another child slips into the pipeline, a story so sad
No one there to pull him out, where’s mom? Where’s dad?
At work or with ya boo, you have no idea what I see.
And you’re blind because I scribble things in my journal like “I hate me’
And I do. Its no secret. How do you miss it?
Watch my actions, hear my cries, somebody please listen.
Too busy for me so I act a fool. I don’t care about anything especially not school.
I need something from you, not money just a hug and a smile
Daddy tell me you love me, mama just sit a read with me for a while
Things got bad because of him and its so clear.
Mama it was all good until he got here.
I’ve got so much to say but no microphone to speak it.
So much potential no help from you to reach it.
I stand here for all children that are silent
With thoughts and emotions, but no pen and pad to write it.
So I stand here now for them, eyes teary.
And yell for all children everywhere CAN YOU HEAR ME?
Ask yourself next time your child acts out, “are they missing me?”
Better yet scratch that, just ask yourself Am i LISTENING?


2 Responses to “Are you listening?”

  1. I’ve heard this message so many times…and wonder why no one takes the time to understand that theire world has changed and what was alright when they were young…is wrong now…no matter how it is justified…thanks for articulating this very important topic.

    • As an advocate of youth development and enrichment, I feel that its my duty to express these issues through all of my different artistic avenues to the best of my abilities. They are our future.

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