More of Nothing

Its so hard to say everything you want
When in reality what you have to say is naught,
Worth anything
So the pennies and the coins that
Are put forth to purchase grocery bags
Of food for thought
Are nothing but an attempt
To reverse the fact that our minds are limp;
paraplegics mentally
Generally lacking in substance
But still having the gall to abuse substances
Substantially dividing ourselves from ourselves
Subbing real feelings for things manufactured and stuffed on shelves
Cannot close the gap
Because we think the gap is caused
by someone else, when actually we lack
the actual bare necessities
To cook up anything but crack
So our insufficient recipes
for success lead to our bitching
That someone will repair
Deliver us our salvation
Carry us from our chairs
Make a declaration or proclamation
about falsified emancipation
but it doesn’t happen, we sit here
For the date that our weights
Are more than the 1/3
or 2/3
When we can live in whose burb
ever we desire
But we can’t see that we’ll grow tired
Because when we are underestimated
Down played and degraded
We exceed expectations
Though instead we fight to increase our weight
not knowing its a weight that
we aren’t really willing to carry
we would rather a government fairy
or Kennedy or Obama
Sign a bill of remedy to all our drama
And give us reparations
Free cash across the nation
A waste of dollars and cents
A desire that don’t make sense
So I sit here, my keys clack and click
I write and I repent
For the people that come before me
For all colors that want that glory
But stray from action
And keep on yappin
About how they want something
But just do More of Nothing
(An Ode to Lazy Ass Humanity)


3 Responses to “More of Nothing”

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  2. D. Martin Says:

    All I can say is Damn that’s Deep

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