Life sucks, right?

Reality Check

In a world infested with war and aids
Cancers like racism, jails and graves
A place where babies die more often
Than our children graduate high school
A place where we all are owed a coffin
But given nothing like chances, just rules
Reality hurts, and it checks you every morning
Reminder on cnn, images of widows mourning
warnings of danger
Wars we are waging
Get less publication than stars sliding across stages
Literature is no better, might as well be blank pages
In a world without a soul
Not a shred of the values of old
I rise above to make a testament
Not in the least bit hesitant
That reality is what you make it
In a world that is shaken
We still have control
I have silver and gold
In a form of no monetary worth
But more precious than the earth
Going green for my girl
In a hybrid of fantasy and reality, this world
Bends to my will
Because you opted to steal
My heart, and traded me yours, what a deal
And I swear this is real
So in a world coming to an end
Running wild with the sin
Like sodom and Gomorrah
I declare to you all and implore ya
Hold fast to those special
Ignore all the strife that will test you
open your eyes see the picture I paint for you to see
Check it out, this is your world, love is our reality


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