Strange Fruit in the Garden

In a garden where the most exotic fruit are found
You discover the truth of the ones on the ground
They once hung high from the branch
Now they roll back and forth, they dance
The rejoicing of few
Due to them being born anew
Is a momentary sight
For they soon return to their plight
The strangest fruit not because of their exterior
But rather the things inside that makes them yearn to be inferior
escaping the tyranny of the tree
Only to forsake the things that made them free
A sad story of the garden
Hard to feel sorry for people that do it to themselves, so hearts harden
The others on the ground can help but don’t do it
they resolve to watch them in confinement, theyre used to it
The garden becomes divided
Due to decisions against being united
The strangest fruit hang up high
and stay forever until they free their minds from the vine


3 Responses to “Strange Fruit in the Garden”

  1. Some folks like being ‘professional victims’…so the stay on the vine.

  2. kity-chan Says:

    Lol I like!!! Sounds like song lyrics. You should try and get a poetry analogy book published!

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