Crying Out

This is me opening wide

Spilling out all truth, emptying whats inside

Despite my gut feelings I know there’s something left

I act like it’s all right, when it comes to my heart I go deaf

Definitely at a loss

Lost are all my thoughts

Thinking of words to use to get this point across

Crossing my t’s dotting my i’s

Eyes are seen, unlike my lies

My insides are fading, my emotions must die

Crying out to YOU, whether near or far

I need YOU in my life, only you know who you are

I can’t think straight, all of my thoughts are jumbled

I simply want to fall, finish off this tumble

Somebody please help me, pat me on the back

Lie and say its alright, YOU used to do that

And now you aren’t here

I’m left on my lonesome, I fear

But I’ll never let it show

My true pain you’ll never know

Behind my eyes and lies are emotions that scream and shout

So I use my words, my mind, as my way of crying out


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