Yes I Can

Yes I Can(Truth and Dare)

I dare you to tell me the truth

The truth of the matter is that the less you use me

The more I find myself fighting and wishing for options

I realize that all of my daring of you

Is for my uselessness to leave for truth

But I can’t

I sit and stay because of my heart

My heart is foolish, my mind is weak

So no matter how much I know, I know nothing

The truth hasn’t seen your lips in so long

And you have been daring me to be strong

But I can’t

I smile and continue to break the rules

No truth in my eyes or in my mouth

I lie every day I wake up

Because truthfully I dare myself to stay in bed

And sleep myself to death, rest my head

But I can’t

There are things bigger than me

I see this and the truth of the matter

Is that I don’t matter in the long run

And my knees are buckling as my fight grows old

This marathon makes me think to quit as it takes its toll

But I can’t

I want my heart back and I know I

Can’t have it, so I request my breath back

Only to be rejected once again and so I resolve to

Inhale sharply, despite the flaws and shortcomings that I give

My mind concludes: I want to love, I want to live

But I can’t


3 Responses to “Yes I Can”

  1. I really, really like the flow and feeling of this poem. I can relate.

  2. then love and live,


  3. sad, keep living and loving, you will be there.


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