It feels so weird
When your thoughts aren’t clear
And your heart feels fear
So you wonder who’s there
And you look up and ya eyes start to glisten
heart beat slows as you hope someone listens
Search for the kindred spirit fails, so you end it
And you used to have a bestfriend but now they’re missing
You wonder how’d you ruin that?
Relationships booby trapped
You somehow lost all truth and fact
With your mind, and rewind to figure how to earn it back
Thought process slacking to the max
You try to rethink and relax
You forget what’s happened in the past
You just know that it’s drastic that you act
And after all of that
You get to hacking at the scabs
removing your usual mask
Hoping to recapture the mag—ic
But youre sick and exhausted
Recalling all the losses
Remembering you did this, you acted too precautious
Precocious in fact, from the high of this love you have vaulted
Down into a spiral
Fighting the feelings inside you
your soul wishes to complain, but your mind won’t decide to
Despite that you lost a most precious thing beside you
Its vital and viral, call it contagious
All these losses causing rages
As you try to turn the pages
Of a life incomplete because you turned a love away that
Was perfect and worth it
Your minds lost, soul hurting
Heart shattered on purpose
And its done, just another lesson to learn man
So never rebuke truth
Value all your youth
Love strong be cool
As I try to recoup
on mistakes I’ve made
that would haunt my days
but now I say
I love my ways


4 Responses to “REGRETS”

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