Hi. Bye. Die.

Hi. Bye. Die.
See how ya boy rhyme? 
Words all sound the same and mean the same after time.
Like lie and alive.
I try and i try,
but can’t outrun my…
past as the hourglass runs out of time.
Ive run out of rhymes.
So next time I pass ya side.
Expect not even a hi or a bye.
All you can expect is to die.
So respect my stride.
When I fall don’t cry.
Just say for all his struggles that guy tried.
Or that guy flied.
Not flew, I glide.
I’m glued to the paper like a trap for flies.
I don’t rap I rhyme.
I’ve captured time.
And looped it for myself, selfish yes I’m. Twinkle in my eye, like sty.
I’m all alone, no one at my side.
One man team, NarcIssIstIc, 3 capital I’s.
Don’t test he, if you happen to try.
You get victory when hell is covered in ice.
I’m above all spite.
I love all strife.
above strife, love spite,
embrace my plight
as i take flight.
Those words can be flipped, for with a pen I’m nice.
So to my success I say “HI”,
and to my past I say “BYE”.
and to all who doubt or oppose my life…………. DIE.


2 Responses to “Hi. Bye. Die.”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Julius McFly, Julius McFly. Julius McFly said: Just something I was playing around with the other night.. "Hi. Bye. Die." — https://thatguymcfly.wordpress.com/2010/09/28/hi-bye-die/ […]

  2. 🙂 kinda like this one. 🙂

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