Friend or foe

Friend or Foe
I don’t feel pain
But I do feel disgust
And its simply insane
considering what we discussed
Nothing exclusive, we don’t have dibs
But I remember how you felt when I flirted with ya friends
So now the shoes have switched feet
And all you have are excuses that are weak
Week after week we drift further apart
3 weeks pass, you’re shut out of my heart
So I keep it on a chain, my sleeve grows cold
Shoulders frostbitten, ice chips the size of stone
Secrets make the world go round
Deception costs the King his crown
Heads severed smooth, planted perfectly on wooden pikes
You make your own decision, don’t act as if your drink was spiked
So here I am spilling my truth
To my truest confidant, not you
I pose the question now, friend or foe? What is your intent?
names come to mind to rhyme, but I’ll keep silent
And let your imagination fill it in
Swallowing so much, your pride being the first
Screaming at burning bridges, when I entered friendly turf
territory marked, you lay claim and stand strong
on even playing field with every other broad, a revelation that took too long
Smiles and hugs and handshakes, a task you are no more
Once again I could call you a name, but instead I’ll shut the door
and my mouth, I’ll keep this secret, you’ll never know what is gone
Keep wondering if its you, as you sit there all alone
Friends and enemies a distinction as clear as your loyalty
Live life, with your history in mind, just don’t recall knowing me
Because you my friend are more of a foe
So here is me walking away for good, tell my back hello
keep it all for someone else, spare me all the lies
Scream your head off all you want, my sole response is goodbye.


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