McFly – Girls, Girls, Girls

I love girls, girls, girls, girls
Girls, I do adore
Yo put your number in this phone cause I would love to bone
Hit them skins in ya car or home, yeah


I fucked this Spanish chica, she got loud and moaned
So she call me dirty names like  marricon
Said she likes to taste chocolate, so she gave me dome
I’m like, “ya head crazy, now swallow my babies.”
I tagged like 30 black chicks, all they asses was fat
So I bent em across whatever, beat it up from the back
They like, “Listen Julius now we know you lay pipe
You need to stick with us, stay away from the whites”
I got this one chick that love to french kiss
But she swallow mad children, so I avoid her lips
Bop her head up and down until McFly skeet skeet
Then I pat her on the head, give her a kiss on the cheek
I got this caucasian broad that will let the homie smush
Asked her to pay my phone bill, then smack her on her tush
She said “Daddy I got dough, but I’m not ya ho
So you better hit it right, or the answers no.”
Now that’s Spanish chick, black chicks,  anglo saxons
I lay down dick for benefits, baby I’m taxin
Chicks all over the globe but in the Ville I’m sick
Hit the Outback lookin fly, they hop on my dick


I love
Girls, girls, girls, girls
Girls, I do adore

I got ya number at Mollys

Am I gonna fuck? Prolly

Blonde hair big breasts like Dolly

I love girls, girls, girls, girls

Girls all over the globe
You come scoop me in ya whip, put lips on my dick
Then drop me back off you trick – c’mon


I popped this young chick, she act so odd

She scream loud, wake up roommates, call out “GOD!”

Like to show out in public, write on my Facebook wall

Then I gotta delete it, and ignore her calls
Got a main chick that’ll give me anything
I really like her, but she knows she’ll never get a ring
Baby girl so true, never do ya boy wrong
So I had to give her a shout out in my newest song
I got like 5 hoes that can’t  cook or clean
So I fuck em, then cut em from McFly Dream Team
Then I’m hiding in the corners in the club, tryna scheme
These hoes be gawkin, hatin like Kevin Hawkins
I probably been smashed the chick you chasin
Or got top from ya baby mom, or that broad you datin
I know her panty color and what her clit look like
And now you mad, feelin sad, actin like you wanna fight
Now that’s young chick, main chick, dudes in they feelings
Leave ya chick uncuffed, and you know I’m gonna kill it
That means I get it in, ruthless when I’m hoppin down
And you dudes saving hoes, so you super duper clowns

I love

Girls, girls, girls, girls
Girls, I do adore
I’m fuckin you and them, even ya best friends
Then I’m leavin, dont try to hold my hand
I love girls, girls, girls, girls
Girls all over the globe
I probably gave her dick, either yo mom, sis, or chick
Don’t believe me? I got folders of pics


I hit so many chicks its hard to keep count
Got em lined up around the corner outside my house
Got a chick that ride cock Go hard and dont stop

After I nut she take me to St. Joe to go shop
I can’t say how many girls because people get mad
A lot is the answer when you ask how many  I’ve had
I’m tryna fuck a Chinese broad
I won’t hit that rawI’m afraid that I might get sars lol
Gold wrapper with the condom any less is a joke
I randomly get texts like, “please come poke”
I done hit some fat chicks, and I’m not proud
But I be getting trashed in this little cowtown
Maryville McFly, ask about me please
I’ll tweet some pics of ya wifey down on her knees
I’m telling girls the truth, and getting vagina still
I fucked so many girls in the Ville…


I fuck girls, girls, girls, girls
Girls, I make you whores
I’m bustin nuts in hair, no I do not care
Get out baby, you know lifes not fair
I fuck girls, girls, girls, girls
Girls all over the globe
I’m just tryna keep it real, yeaa my tongue game ill
You haven’t heard about McFly in the Ville?
I love girls, girls, girls, girls
Girls, I do adore
I’m not trying to disrespect you, I really just wanna caress you
Pull my dick out if I wanna impress you

I love girls, girls, girls, girls
Girls, girls.. hahaha



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