Going to Die Happy

Truthfully, I can’t handle the life I’m living.

But I’d rather die this way, who are you kidding?

I live every day like my first

Not my last, I’m living like I was at birth

Care free, ignorant, and still cute as shit

I’m smiling in your face, as I’m talking slick

I am honest to the fullest

Punches, I never pull em

Diabetic with my words, never sugar coated

Living life fast is the life I’ve promoted

So stop with the stress and worrying about death

My life isn’t the worst, and it’s definitely not the best

But I live it for what it is, never take it for granted

Make mistakes on the daily, cause a lot of damage

But never will I worry and suffer from regrets

I will smile to the end, I’ll be happy in my death


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