On My Mind

Potential is poison

inside my body is choices

my mind rejects the voices

and I search for a purpose

Its curtains on the past

I move forward so fast

Hit the ceiling, its all glass

I break through and lose my mask

I had to advance in life

evolve like Darwin said right?

so with my mind i write

and try to slide past strife

I might give up, but today it wont be

Tend to my wounds you’ll see

I’ll achieve my dreams

Give my best effort until i d-i-e

So i accept the expectations

Reject the frustrations

Except for regulations

I’ll never follow, I’m trail blazing

And hell raising because this will be a suicide

Now I’m sipping on the poison, this is what I decide

No Romeo right here, no Juliet by my side

Julius McFly, watch Julius… I rise…


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