I like the way she look
From her hair to her foot
Took me by surprise
Shook when I peek into her eyes
Thighs magnificent
Hips magnetic
So fine my mind can’t get with this
Crazy over her smile, drive me mad with it
And how can I get it?
Fakeness and lies?
Claim I’m the dude not trying to get inside?
Nah not my style
I spit truth no matter how foul
So yes I wanna fuck you
But that’s not it
Choose no one above you
Never call you a bitch
Treat you like a queen
For that pussy I’m a fiend
Slide my dick in between
Lick you all over from my knees
Ya needs are my focus
Your beauty got me hoping
Choking on my words
my game is potent but I’m scurred
Ya curves make me wanna crash
Forehead hitting the dash
Or the headboard instead
I’m Tryna smash on a bed
Face to face the first time
That ass.. girl yeaa you can ride
And ya breasts is what i miss when im hittin from behind
I mean no offense or hurt by these rhymes
So I wont lower your worth by calling you a dime
I’d rather state my purpose and remind you that you fine
So here it goes Ms.
I’m gonna lure you with my wit
Woo you with a kiss
So gentle and luscious with the lips
And dominate ya clitoris
Make you fall in love with my dick
My sense of humor is apparent
but not when I meet ya parents
I can tell that you’re carin’
About this story that I’m sharin’
Because ya smile lights the room and makes my heart weaker
I’m nervous right now, an uncomfortable speaker
So I ramble and I mumble
Scared of rejection or a stumble
this jungle of my thoughts is driving me insane
so please beautiful please… tell me…. what’s ya name?


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