Flawless PT 2: Forewarning of Reality and Forgetting of Reluctance

Disappointment is realitys forewarning
Expectations cause pain
The range of my emotions vary based on your commitment
The issue of the situation
brings about my declaration
And decoration of my Heart with your name
The engraving of your soul on my brain
And reality kicks in
Instant eraser
Removing the false memories
of your warm embraces
Bracing for the loss
The kiss of failure
The sting of love
Its not worth the cost
So I tally my losses and pain
See the value of what I’ve given
And it soon becomes clear
My fear overcame my heart, it’s all that remains
So I shy away from truth
Hold hands with abhorrence
Your words of disappointment
Feeling my love with torment
Its gorgeous how nostalgia can remind me of your past ways
And it hurts how the flood of reality washes away the past days
My gaze is wandering
Focus on the endings
Because my heart fractures
Every time I recall our beginnings
Its blending the memories
I’m cold and I’m shivering
My psychosis has taken form and its officially befriended me
Deafening cries as my love is disregarded
My heart grows colder and my life’s just started
So lets end it all now wake up from my fantasy
Stop hoping for better and twisting reality
Take my medicine
please prescribe ointment
As these words and letters end
I am engaged and destined to be forever joined with disappointment


17 Responses to “Flawless PT 2: Forewarning of Reality and Forgetting of Reluctance”

  1. Wow, this poem remind me of breaking up with the first girl I loved. Trying to disregard her flaws when reality set in. Thank you for helping me understand I made the correct decision.

  2. You have given a very powerful rendition of how the emotional expectation of our individual attributions for love affect our being in myriad ways. Very deeply conveyed in beautiful verse.


  3. a comment from Word and Wine:

    I have tried to comment. Somehow the WordPress blogs keep rejecting my e-mail as valid (WTF?)

    Can I post here to McFly? Maybe you can forward???

    “Lol! You are the first one I picked. The first of 18…based on name alone. Are you really from Stockton (or is the Ad just targeting me?) Are you my son, my neighbor? You write like my son (self proclaimed “underground rapper”) I call him a poet.

    “do you ever miss me?
    If you could would you kiss me?”

    To someone I answer:


    Nice work. You drew me in…memories in tow.

    ~ Annie

  4. we all live in hope of success sometimes not seeing the wood from the trees is hard. its not till we stand back and face reality we know what really matters .thanks for sharing a heartfelt poem x x

  5. A very powerful and emotive poem.

  6. WOW…
    I never experienced a relationship quite like this and hope I never do.
    You are fortunate to have escaped to be poetic about it.


  7. the way you write is very powerful.

  8. I admire your strength despite the pain.

  9. yeah, I feel this way today

  10. I absolutely love the beginning. The raw nerve kind of pain and the depth. Wonderful job!

  11. Yes, expectations bring our pain. It’s a seemingly simple concept but so hard not to have expectations in our relationships or this world.

    I really enjoyed this–the pain of disappointment is so strongly felt.

  12. It speaks so much, your holding hands with abhorrence. All the awfulness in yourself or in your other or in your life that you’ve kind of learned to like and would probably miss if it were gone?

  13. My psychosis has taken form and its officially befriended me
    awesome line and great piece of work.

  14. Its gorgeous how nostalgia can remind me of your past ways
    And it hurts how the flood of reality washes away the past days – this is a scorcher of a line… too true for comfort… xx

  15. Simply impressive ..
    I like the how the emotions flows throughout the poetry
    Here’s mine poetry work ..


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