Dreams Money Can’t Buy

D. M. C. B.

When I wake up I’m searching
Because the dreams at night
Are filled with things that I fight
And they always leave me hurting

The nightmares absorb my interior
My soul feels inferior
And everything I’m feeling
Leaves my insides on the ceiling

I regurgitate these lines
That are molded into rhymes
That began as the dreams
That leave me with the scheme

To build and fight for success
But my sheets are left wet from my cold sweats
This is my reality
I yearn for what I can’t achieve

My nightmares taunt me
With this love shit, flaunting
Floating through the air and my task is daunting
I know that it’s impossible but I still gamble, yahtzee

I want all the women
But I can’t even find one
That can join me in my sinnin
Yet still provide me with the love

That can make me be faithful
I search my dreams and my heart, its so hateful
So instead of trying to make it work I berate you
Tell you that I hate you

Fill your head with lies to replace dreams
And these lies are enough to create a fissure between



I’m running in the opposite direction
But in succession
I beg love for it’s acceptance
Only to be rejected

And this is why I call it quits
You are nothing but my opposite
I’m trying my best to forgive
but your face makes me re live

All the pangs and the tortures
My worst misfortunes
Torment me with your memories
I’ve got a torrent of your imagery
I can’t help but call us enemies
Yet I feel that this is only my beginning

But my end is the same here
I’m stuck in a dream where I can’t maintain fear
And it’s lame dear because you were my dream
And you’ve left me broken, forever I believe

So I’ll keep working hard, hopefully it pays off
Giving love my all, no days off
But for now I’ve given up
Bank account bankrupt

No more you and McFly
No more dreams money can buy


5 Responses to “Dreams Money Can’t Buy”

  1. never give up, you can make it if you try and persist…

    lovely expression.
    bless you.

    Invite you to contribute to our short story slam today, it could be a poem or a short story,

    Be creative,
    Have fun!

    Bluebell Books!

  2. agree, no more dreams money can buy,
    creative and powerful.

  3. ideas racing through the night

  4. “That can make me be faithful
    I search my dreams and my heart, its so hateful
    So instead of trying to make it work I berate you
    Tell you that I hate you” Love this stanza. I wrote about love gone wrong in one of my submissions too its really the perfect area for the theme

  5. it’s so sad. it’s like you have given up hope.
    I hope that is not so.
    it is beautiful in it’s sadness.


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