Rain to wash away the pain
Reigning over the realm
Fighting everything, fighting to restrain
My frustration that’s spilling over from the helm

But it starts the flood
And I struggle to keep my head above
The tide but I rise to expectations
I grind despite frustrations

My mind needs reparations
and repairs as I dig and
Pull out my hair and
Beg the great Lord for some type of separation

But it all remains so cluttered
My heart is left a flutter
My soul melts like it was butter
As I realize i’ll never find another

You were the only
Yet you left me lonely
Stranded in a strange place
My love’s laughing in my face

I can’t seem to find the end
So i beg that it begins
The second that I attempt
I delve in failure once again

So please rain wash away the cries
My reign will not subside
The truth will jeopardize
And bring an end to all your lies

From henceforth, you are nameless.



One Response to “Untitled”

  1. moving words,

    rain pain, as long as love remains, pains are nothing.

    love your work here.

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