I’m steady looking for love in all the wrong places

Searching for the truth in these fucking liars faces

I’m ready for love
But love’s not here
My mind is so above
That your thoughts aren’t near

But my thoughts aren’t clear
Fogged up by fear
Your warm breath can’t calm me down anymore my dear

I resolve to keep moving
Hoping to stumble upon truth
Forks in the road I’m choosing
Leave me so uncouth

I’m waiting for my turn, getting long in the tooth
I’m begging for my shot, but too scared to shoot
I’ve tried to climb my love, but can’t reach the roof

And I’m left so lost
And I can’t be found
In my dreams I turn and toss
And a scream’s my sound

So I struggle to stand my ground
My head cyclones round and round
My hearts been abused, it “hash marks” like a #pound#

You have nothing to prove
Stop making empty promises
You need to see that on I move
I’m looking to build a new conglomerate

From here on, you will miss me
Baby girl that’s a fact
Keep the memories of us kissing
Because you’ll never find me again, not even with a map


9 Responses to “MAP”

  1. a well fine tuned piece.

    powerful message, Glad to see you keep writing…….

    missed you in poets rally, hope to see you back ……..

  2. I liked the second last stanza, nice thought.
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. Glad to see you in.

    have fun!

    let us know after you are done 18 commenting.

  4. ‘So I struggle to stand my ground
    My head cyclones round and round
    My hearts been abused, it “hash marks” like a #pound#’

    ..I love it when honesty squeaks out.

    Really enjoyed the writing Mcfly

  5. We all wish we have a map, dont we? Unfortunately the map we have is invisible to the naked eye most times, only when we crossed the path then we look back, the roads on the maps suddenly turn visible.
    To perservere on this path, we just need patience and self-belief. Without it, we will not be able to reach the end…or the end of a new beginning…

  6. CSExodus Says:

    Heaven knows why I like this poem although it starts off with vulgarities… ._.

    -RPIMotion Author

  7. I love it that this is about realizing it’s time to move on. Too many times, we cling to a love that’s going nowhere. It’s sad, but it’s beautiful. I’d love to hear this sung!

  8. I like the overall rhythm of this.
    The message contained within is loud and clear.

    Nicely done!

    Thanks for sharing.

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