Perspective and Perception

“Perspective and Perception”

I stand here proud

Draped in my dress

A specimen so fine

Yet a being so stressed

Weight of the world on my shoulders

And still forward I press

I glare into the distance

Wondering “Is it my time yet?”

I’m sure you think you know me

But the fact is I’m an enigma

Impossible to understand

How I trot through the tasks on my agenda

I bite down on my tongue

Stick to my morals like glue

Perception is that the man is in control

But what you perceive is not always true


20 Responses to “Perspective and Perception”

  1. WOW-this is a portrayal and poem.

  2. agree, what you perceive is not always true.

    we can not judge a book by its cover.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Well said ! By the way , my cowboy is also “proud” and he also has an “agenda”

  4. good one.
    indeed perception and perspective are two very different things.

  5. Ooh, very interesting. Were you writing about Wayne, or just in general? Either way, it’s very good stuff. : )

  6. Nothing is ever as it seems at a first glance…there are layers and layers beneath.

  7. Truthful words…a great poem to see beyond outer layer.

  8. That was wonderful You did a great take on this image. 🙂

  9. Have two people descibe the same incident… often there are totally different takes on the situation. Well done.

  10. So beautiful and truthful. Thank you for this amazing read.

  11. It’s alll in the poerspective, that’s true. Great poem.

  12. Not sure what it has to do with the picture–well, maybe, kinda, sorta–but it is definitely good and I can relate on a personal level.

  13. It’s al about perspective. A brilliant and thought provoking poem.l

  14. Good write.

    And it is…. all in our perspective.

    Well done!

  15. McFly
    A great descriptive of our guy


  16. A.B. Thomas Says:

    Fantastic write and I have to agree with the others on the importance of what is our persepective in how we define it all!

  17. Wonderful interpretation of the image and so true looks can be deceiving.

  18. I guess a lot of us paint a different picture of our true selves..this goes deep!

  19. Nice one! I wrote about perceptions, too…interesting. Enjoyed this 🙂

  20. I hope I don’t end up commenting twice. I seem to be having trouble leaving comments, but here goes…

    I wrote about perceptions, too, for this one. I like your take on the prompt, and I agree that things are not always what they seem. Nice job! 🙂

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