Confessions for a Princess from an Emotional Pauper

I sit alone
Mind in another zone
All my chances blown
And my heart is not at home

Because home is where the hate is
And I’m hateful, soul vacant
So frail and empty that my frame is
Shattered and it stands here shaken

And I’m racist at times
Against this black soul of mine
But it’s still integrated, penetrating my rhymes
Fighting off sensations to massage my neck via knives

Wise.. yet ignorant as to how to get you
Afraid you’ll reply with “nose” and blow me away like a tissue
Between each text I get drowned with thoughts of how I miss you
And you set my sex on fire, like Kings of Leon when I kiss you

The intensity is magical
I’ve never been mad at you
I want to kiss right above your clavicle
Wishing you were with me has become a habit boo

So here it is i confess
That you make me feel at my best
I want to conquer the world
but only if you’re my girl

Victory is what I call you
Picasso and Christ can’t draw you
I’ll deter whatever disaster might befall you
So I’m offering my heart, promising no withdrawal

I can’t come to a conclusion
you’ve become so allusive
i’m begging for your hand
I just want to be your man
So i’m pouring out my inner soul
It’s bleak but still it has a glow
Agape is what I request
I’m cutting out what’s in my chest
I confess to you I am not worthy
But me without you, leaves me hurting
I do not ask for marriage, just for a smile
Won’t you be my princess? For a little while?


7 Responses to “Confessions for a Princess from an Emotional Pauper”

  1. So, I have to ask. Did you send it to her?

  2. Amazing I loved it from the title on

  3. Awesome! Feelings well depicted for that girl..
    Hope she will be your princess soon.. πŸ™‚

    Cheers ^_^

  4. So Fancy and Magical πŸ˜€

  5. kind of sad, well put.


  6. sad and longing and full of desire. well written

  7. Simply impressive ..
    I love this 1 ..
    Here’s mine poetry work ..

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