F Love


Fuck love
I hate love
I can’t fuckin feel it
It frustrates
And dictates
All my fucking feelings
I want love
I need love
Yet I still fear it
I search
And I chase
But I never get near it


Love where are you?
Why are you so allusive?
Why am I left with the untrue?
Stuck with these illusions?

I yearn for embraces
Learn from my mistakes and
Still I only gain lust
And I cause love faces

Sex is what I have
Its nice but yet I’m sad
Because for every chick I bag
There’s a love I haven’t had
So I yell at Love, I’m mad
I wish id fell in love, got scabs
But Still I feign like I’m glad

So allow me to interpret
My actions like I’m perfect
I have sex, no regard for the person
To hide the fact that I’m hurtin

Purpose of the positions
I’ll explain in each sentence

Pushing her legs up
Driving myself in
Reaching for her heart
As I get into her ribs

From the back I grab hips
And pull her back to me
Hold on and get deep
So it’s like she’s attached to me

And I kiss below the belt
I’m speaking in tongues
Using body language
Begging love to not run

But still love is not present
And it leaves a man guessin
What he must master
To earn Loves blessin

So here I say fuck it
I feel like I’m just bluffin
But love is just a myth
And all this sex Is worth nothin

So I retire from the piping
All the late nights and
Girls I don’t love
And looking for love and fightin

Look what I’ve become
Fighting through pain and strife
Fornication and cunnilingus
And still I have no wife?

What is this for?
I lay broken lost on the floor
And I redirect my focus as I wage this war
And scream “fuck love” from my motherfuckin core



13 Responses to “F Love”

  1. Hey Fin, i pray That God blesses you and reveals to you His true and honest love for you in ways that you will be able to see and understand. sex is just an imitation of real love, it is not a substitute for it. your wife is waiting for you but she’s so far into God’s love, you;re gonna have to find Him to find her…God bless you

  2. incredible.

    redirect your rage for this war,
    another piece that is beautifully powerful.

    Happy Potluck!

  3. “Pushing her legs up
    Driving myself in
    Reaching for her heart
    As I get into her ribs” Love this stanza. Awesome poem

  4. Kay Salady Says:

    “So allow me to interpret my actions like I’m perfect” Perhaps you’re trying too hard. Love will come when you least expect it. Nice poem.

  5. Well….this is a fucking great write! Hope you don’t mind I assume its fitting šŸ˜‰ This is a great journey of emotion, your wordplay is fantastic, for example:

    “And I kiss below the belt
    Iā€™m speaking in tongues
    Using body language
    Begging love to not run”

    Fantastic stanza…I also love it when anything ends with a “Fin”. Raw, emotional poetry, much enjoyed ~Rose

  6. Er, I want to get all moral on you and start preaching about how sex isn’t love no matter how many girls’ ribs you get inside of, don’t use sex as medication–but we’re strangers so I won’t waste my time šŸ˜€ (if the poem is even in fact about you.

    I kinda like it, crassness and all! Nicely honest work, McFly ~ Ms. Queenly

    (ps–Every time I see your name, I think of Back to the Future, you know, Biff: “think, McFly, think!” *raps McFly over the head*

  7. Ok so, I like both the crassness and romanticism in this. It’s kind of romantic, if you read between the lines. Even with the “fuck” and all. But I have a question. Really, men try to find love through sex, too? I thought only girls did that.

  8. s’il y a des analogues ?

  9. Wow. I think a lot of people can secretly relate to this. I love the way you write, it’s so effective. Course and real; not dressed up in fancy words, just like the emotions are.

  10. powerful….

    hope your day is well.


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