Sex-Sin, exercise-exorcism

Sex, sin, exercise, exorcism

My soul is sucked in
Sin is my lady
Swallowed by the shadows
My hearts gone crazy

This worlds gone hazy
And my lives worth dwindled
My life’s worth is simple
Because my life’s work kindles

Flames in her thighs
And a burn of my love
Fondled by her soul
I fly high like doves

My thoughts get lazy
And my brains on repeat
I flirt with defeat
Workout clits with the muscle hidden behind my teeth

I feel so alone
When her scent grows faint
My mouth waters when she’s near
And my soul goes erect and never dissipates

My love life’s crazy
My love for life is fading
The love of my life hates me
But this lifestyle is so fucking amazing

So I push myself forward
Get over my own conscience
Feel the inside of her mouth
And leave myself on her tonsils

How can one love a soul so impure and tainted
She could never coincide with a love so abrasive
So onward my dark soul strides and happiness I fake it
This twisted way of life rapes me until I hate it

I’m running

Away from my past
In a circle I perpetuate
Return to what’s familiar
A body I can navigate

Im fearful of her rejection
Even though she’s well worth the delay
So the sin I neglect
For the one they call……….



6 Responses to “Sex-Sin, exercise-exorcism”

  1. interesting bit, were you playing on the words a tad!
    Agape-hmmm always loved that word!

    happy potluck!

  2. Intense and tormented. Wonderfully done

  3. A well written piece of poetry

  4. A frightening ride in search of perfection? It is out there. Unconditional love does exist! Well written piece. Very enjoyable read!

  5. yes it is indeed intense. haunting and wonderful!

  6. this is cool,

    way to go, glad to see you.

    Happy Poetry Picnic.

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