Sinning is my soul
My soul is on sale
Her sex is on fire, call her body hell

Her lips are like pillows
Soft so i need it
She puts them down low and I can’t believe it

Honey is a freak off the leash
She appeals to my heat
Blood flowing to my peak
Our orgasms is a feat
Not quite impossible
My passion unstoppable
I’m climbing on the top you
We get exotic like the tropics do

Sex is my escape
So i put my all in it
Beat it up right until she’s all finished

Breasts make me smirk
I smile over ass
I love sex like poems so my style is crass

I’m emboldened by your body type
I’m holding back until the time is right
So we can both cum
and make the face of love
Covered in sweat and sex
Kiss from ya neck and chest
Massaging every curve too
Leave you with hickies all purple
One could assume that I’m a perv
From the positions I observe
And words and their condition
As they swerve from my lips and
My lips are what I use to make you moist
Make you scream, make you rejoice

Make your clit tingle
Use the lords name in vain
make your brain go insane

Fucking with your soul
Making love to your mental
Sex is my sin
It’s something you should get into


4 Responses to “Sex”

  1. wow…

  2. This is intense, passionate, and smoking hot!

  3. Hot stuff, good writing

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