The root of my existence
The truth that I’ve resisted
Leads me to this altar as I post
And confess for my forgiveness

Father I have sinned
Drugs and lies is where I depend
And pointless pussy, sinful sex
This is where I’ve got my will to live

My last confession lacked my heart
It was felt by no one, feigned from the start
So now I attempt to be sincere
Please lord witness my humility here

I’ve lost my soul
And found a receipt
Have I given it away
Or was it stolen by deceit

Captured nonetheless
Lord this is my best
Effort to repent
This poem god sent

My wiles of life
Worth while, not quite
I strive to fight
And smile despite

The emptiness that my heart has married
As love has long since found itself buried
Helps me to drag my cross, carry this weight
Strength of atlas fueled by a world of hate

As I loathe myself
Too proud for help
The tree that stands alone
Through love my inadequacies have grown

Alas, this is the story that unveils my beginning
I expose my loves and reveal all my sinning


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