Yes, this is about you

Yes, this is about you

I love this life
But I hate all the penalties
The incest of my soul and sin
The fun and the laughs are generally
Not worth the pain
The tears or the work
To get back on top
Retrieve my name from the dirt
Receive a dame and get hurt
Murked are my emotions
I’m in a hole in a basement
Being offered some lotion
Tortured and adored, this is my amazement
Mazes get conquered when I awaken
Because it’s such a tall task
To rise and shine and start fakin
But I endure, fight the pure
Hatred that I feel, build myself a mask
On my face is where it’s for
But my soul is what it hides
My sole being starts to rise
You see the evil in my eyes
The rage is in my mind
And my broken heart is where it starts
Gave you my all
So in the event that I fall
I would not fall apart
Because I expected you to catch me
You betrayal is truly vexing
The sudden erection of my hate, all came from texting
I feigned through your testing
Acting like I didn’t care
Because your judgement of my crimes
I deemed unfair
Wheres the jury?
I scream out, engulfed by my fury
No fuck it where’s the jewelry?
I correct my self during
Because the fake tainted “love”
That left your lips
Is worth no more than ojs glove
That didn’t fit
I reference a murder because my love for you is dead
And the memories are no more, evaporated from my head
You’ve done what you could to diminish my blood pumper
So this is goodbye, the end, the finish you mother fucker


4 Responses to “Yes, this is about you”

  1. A cry from the heart powerfully communicated.

  2. direct, sincere, and beautiful.


  3. moving words…

    lovely done.

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