MY Argument

The Argument
Me versus you

M:Its not that serious
Y:The hell? You delirious?
M:I was just chillin, nothing went down
Y:Yet you still failed to tell me that she was back in town
M:But baby I promise
Let’s put this whole thing behind us
Y:fuck that you got me bent
You can’t sweet talk your way out of this argument
You always do this, it’s why I don’t trust you
Every time I look up another girl lusts you
And you still block me out, stay with your secrets
M: but I gave you my heart
Y: well maybe you should keep it
M: keep it? Wow, this is how it starts
You be on that bullshit and we fall apart
You sit here actin like a bitch throwing accusations like a dart
Like it’s all one sided, and Yo ass is perfection
But your decision making is what made things hectic
Y:and thats why we don’t work
You’re such a fuckin jerk
You never let things go
M:because I was fucking hurt!
Y:for months i waited to be with you
And all my patience got me was more issues
You flirt with everybody
Act single at parties
M: how do you know you’re never there?
Y: don’t cut me off it’s not fair
M: ok look let’s stop, this argument is pointless
Y: but it matters to me, don’t call it worthless
M: so why are you mad again?
What am i defending?
Y:I’m not sure, but I’m mad
I don’t need to fuckin remember
So we will keep fighting, until the love has gone dry
No matter how much you love, I’ll still think it’s a lie
I’ll never trust you, so let’s call it quits
We are just too different,it’ll never work out, and that’s it
M: ….


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