Bad words, baby cuss me out

Bad words

The language of love
Filled with words to make you feel
Words that make you crazy
Words to make you kill

The realest bad word
Is really the combination of three
I love you, a sentence filled with pain
Enough to bring a man to his knee

It comes at a fee
Of sacrifice and commitment
And no matter how much you sell
You never collect commission

My admission is that
These words make me smile
As a matter of fact
I’ve been yearning for a while

But these words are still evil
They know no equal
I’d trade anything no matter what the cost is
And yet these words make me feel so nauseous

So many bad words
These are the worst by far
But please baby tell me you love me
Come curse my heart

Fuck shit bitch damn
Let the bad words leave your mouth
Just find time to say “I love you”
Baby come cuss me out


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