baby i don’t have time
to deal with the whines
only thing on my mind
is hitting from behind

pardon me for being forward
but i want to stab with my sword
but love the clock is tickin
let’s not waste too much time with kissin

I want to get to lickin
put my face below your waist
hold your legs high
massage your thighs with my face

run laps with my tongue
across your body til youre numb
and girl it may sound dumb
but i lick harder when you cum

and once youve had enough
the fun really begins
i whisper sweet nothings in your ear
as i slide deep, get in your ribs

i tell you youre the best
as i kiss across your chest
my mouth full of nipples
and it tickles so you giggle

but only for a second
as you struggle to gasp for air
leaving hickies on your body
fingers tangled in your hair

i want you to take it all in
i wait for you to cum so i can smile
and all i have is time
so baby we can be here for a while


2 Responses to “Time”

  1. beautiful thoughts,

    very sweet emotions, thanks for sharing.

  2. poweful…

    vivid capture of longing emotions.


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