She’s the reason
That breathing
Is the thing I want to do
But I swear it’s not worth it if don’t involve you

I’m a fool for allowing
You to slip from my grip
And my hearts paying for it
This debt is legit
And death is not shit
If I have to live without you
Give me time to write rhymes
to tell the world about you

The reason that I try to improve
She’s what make my heart move
And for all my bullshit the only thing proved
Is that I’m not half the man without you

You make me better
So leave me never
Or please just return
Please read this letter

I beg for your smile
And pray for your heart
I envy your style
I hate that we fell apart

But it’s the same old story
In a poem so corny
And it’s still the truth girl
Your absence is tor-Turing

My soul
My glow has gone dim
Winning you back
I’ve got chances so slim

I ramble on
and rumble in the jungle
My minds cluttered and infected
my thoughts are so fungal

It’s fun to
Dream that you were still mine
But these dreams turn wet
with the blood of nightmares
And I awake in cold sweats
Stressing and crying

For her.


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